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Scorpio Remote Heads

Scorpio Stabilized Head Big V


The New Scorpio Stabilized Head is the next level of Stabilized heads world wide. Following the principles of the previous Scorpio Stabilized Head, the design of the new gyros, new mechanics and new software allows to be Faster, Easier and, of course, more Effective.

Scorpio Stabilized Head Mini V

Remote Heads.jpg

The Mini Scorpio Stabilized Head V is a new level in the small stabilized heads. Following the principles of the Scorpio Stabilized Big V, the design of the new gyros, new mechanics and new software delivers a Small and Lightweight Head with high capacity and next level of stabilization.

Mini Scorpio Head
(non stabilized)


Mini Scorpio Head 2 and 3 axis remote head for video and film cameras can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2,4GHz.

Micro Head
non stabilized)


The Micro Scorpio Head offers a light, and compact head with simplified mechanics. Compared with the other Scorpio Heads it has cables instead of HD slip rings and for the electronics, one main servo boards for both axes instead of one of each per axis and smaller driver boards.

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