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Scorpio Stabilized Head Mini V

The Mini Scorpio Stabilized Head V is a new level in the small stabilized heads. Following the principles of the Scorpio Stabilized Big V, the design of the new gyros, new mechanics and new software delivers a Small and Lightweight Head with high capacity and next level of stabilization. With the NEW touch panel control the capacity of memorize movements is available even in stabilized mode. “we stop the world only for you” 

• Pan, Tilt and Roll have a speed of 2 seconds x 360º 

• Smart construction to allow standard cameras with standard accessories 

• All the connections, covers and movements are protected for water allowing to work under humidity or rain without a rain cover for the head.

 • The new method of control allows to be stable on the drift and easy to maintain the horizon with the new real horizon function.

 • Possibility to disconnect back PAN without losing stabilization.

 • The main thing in a stabilized head is the level of stabilization. 

The Mini Scorpio Stabilized Head V incorporates new mechanics and electronics designed in detecting a big range of frequencies of vibrations and with enough speed to correct faster than other heads. Is for that, the vibrations isolator becomes an accessory to use only in necessary cases. Wireless Control Scorpio Focus Wireless New Scorpio Radio available with display for settings and two different ranges of frequency: 

• Half duplex microwave 2,4 GHz

 • Wireless system 900 mHz

 • Lens control for Focus, Iris Zoom

Half duplex microwave 2,4 GHz

• Power for all film and video cameras 

• Power for witness camera 

• Power supply for Scorpio Focus or other popular Lens Control

 • Three control systems are available: Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar (JDR)

 • Programmable limits, Damping and Speed adjustment for all axes 

• Back PAN: ON or OFF keeping the same level of stabilization 

• Real horizon • Different vibrations isolator are available 

• Memorization capacity in all axis even in Stabilized mode

 • Generator of vibrations with different levels of frequency available SERVICEVISION reserves the right to

change features and specifications without prior notice. 

Technical specifications:

 • Speed: 360º/2 seconds 

• Rotation: PAN 360º 

• TILT 360º • ROLL +/- 45º 

• Max. camera weight: 20 kg / 45 lb 

• Power requirements: 30 V DC 

• Standby current: 800 mA 

• Maximum usable lens focal: 200 mm 

• SET-UP time: The same as a standard Scorpio Head 

• Water resistant 

• The Mini Scorpio Stabilized Head V can be controlled by two different ways: -

By cable up to 500 m (1500 ft) - By microwave or 900 mHz Scorpio Radio

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